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Each issue of the FTI Journal will tackle a number of timely and critical issues set to shape our future business environment.

Issue 7 - Trading Places

When it comes to the future of international trade, will the landscape shift in favor of free and open exchange of goods and services and ideas or will countries throw up trade barriers to insulate themselves from foreign competition? This issue shares the views of US Trade Representative and Ambassador Ron Kirk.  Change brings opportunities but also hazards. This FTI Journal issue includes articles about intellectual property theft, how to track and recover misappropriated assets, tracking the cybercrime epidemic and how companies can best comply with ever widening global anticorruption legislation

Issue 6

A decade of misdeeds, financial crisis and economic malaise have put a sharp focus on issues of corporate governance and regulation. The FTI Journal interviews three leaders who occupied powerful places during the financial meltdown to get their views on the crisis and how it has shaped their opinions of the reforms that have been put in place. In the sphere of corporate governance, this issue also examines gender diversity on boards across the globe and the critical task of managing investor relations in an era when public resentment is growing and management’s right to govern is something that increasingly must be earned.

Issue 5

What is the global state of healthcare and what can the US learn from the experiences of healthcare programs in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom among others? The FTI Journal examines the options being considered by developing nations as well the many innovations coming from the private sector.  Our healthcare roundtable brings together thought leaders on international health policy, who discuss such thorny matters as the challenge of providing high-quality healthcare that is affordable to both governments and patients.

Issue 4

When should companies deploy their accumulated corporate cash? As profits surge and stockpiles grow, so do pressures on companies to put that capital to work. The FTI Journal considers places where that money may end up- such as funding stock repurchases or direct payments to shareholders, underwriting expansion or paying for entry into new markets. Veteran board members share their ideas on how best to respond to shareholder pressures and we examine the diverse challenges, many of them unexpected, that could slow growth in Asia’s inexorable rise and urge investors to be wary, well informed and unafraid.

Issue 3

This issue is focused on the changes taking place in the wake of the economic crisis. We share views on new taxes, new regulations and the need to keep track of what these changes mean in terms of operating a successful global business.
The FTI Journal examines in particular the changes taking place in private equity, specifically how new financial regulations in the US. and proposed regulations in Europe will affect private equity. We examine how the dynamics of the PE industry will change as firms are required to hold investments longer and how the demands for these firms to become more transparent will be met.

Issue 2

What’s on the minds of both the C suite as well corporate directors? FTI Journal shares thoughts on executive compensation, new foreign corruption and international arbitration laws, as well the important role of real estate plays in M&A deals.
Our experts also share some practical insights on how best to find favor with lenders in challenging times.  Our FTI industry experts in automotive, manufacturing, media & entertainment, metals, real estate and retail predict the “new normals” in key sectors of the US economy.

Issue 1

This inaugural issue discusses the new rules that are being written following the financial crisis and asks the questions; Will financial stability and economic prosperity look different in the future? And has the global marketplace been fundamentally altered by the financial chaos? The FTI Journal explores the systemic aftershocks that will come in many forms including mountainous corporate debt obligations which risk undermining economic recovery, as well as the bold proposals and counter proposals for US healthcare reform, and the communications challenges facing business leaders in a downturn.

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